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If Jesus returned within His generation, then the Futurist view is a lie.
If Jesus didn’t return within His generation, then Christianity is a lie.

Dear Partner in the Gospel of Christ,

The Need:

We here at Beyond the End Times Internet broadcast realize that you, as a follower of Christ and a student of His Word, are trusting God to open doors of opportunity to allow you to use your financial resources and tithes wisely to help further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We would like to extend this opportunity to you and your family now by asking you to help keep Beyond the End Times on the air. It’s crunch time and we need your help. We’re asking that you seek God on this matter. Please pray about setting aside just $25 dollars from your tithe each month to help this important ministry continue. That’s a mere $6.25 a week.

What’s at Stake?

Consider this: Christians often use the "Liar, Lunatic or Lord" argument with non-believers in regard to statements Jesus made about being the Son of God. We say that either Jesus is Lord as He claims, or He is a liar or lunatic, which would make following Him just as unwise. The same is true of His claims as to His Second Coming. Either He returned in that generation over 1900 years ago as He and His disciples promised He would, or He is a liar or a lunatic. He didn’t say He might return. He said He would return. Either He did return and fulfill everything He said He’d fulfill at His coming, or He lied. The very foundation of the Gospel rests upon His words. With your financial gift of just $25 dollars a month, you can help defend the integrity of Christ’s words in our day. Just 200 financial supporters at just $25 dollars per month would allow Beyond the End Times Internet broadcast to go on indefinitely.

Why the Internet?

As you know, the Internet is one of the most powerful vehicles for the sharing of information. It reaches millions of people at once. If you’ve come to understand and appreciate the Biblical soundness of the Preterist position, then you understand the importance of the information provided on Beyond the End Times. If you’re a Christian who has discovered the dizzying inconsistencies of the futurist view of Bible prophecy, then you also realize how critical it is to continue to share the information we present each week on our broadcast. Please support this important program with your monthly financial gifts and offerings. Remember, every penny you give to Beyond the End Times goes toward defending the integrity of Christ and the inerrancy of God’s holy Word.

Love Takes Action

As followers of Christ, we each have an obligation to serve the other. When we see a brother or sister in error, it’s up to us to love them enough to make the Scriptures clearer to them and thereby strengthen their walk with Christ. As hosts of Beyond the End Times, we are dedicated to rigorous study and research. We are committed to bringing you what God’s Word really says on these issues and not just opinions. We will continue to do our part to make Beyond the End Times your resource for clarity and level-headedness in the face of so much Biblical confusion and fantasy. But we can’t do it without the financial support of our listeners.

As much as we dislike asking for support, airtime comes at a price. We’re asking you to seek God to see if He would have you become a regular financial supporter of Beyond the End Times. $6.25 a week ($25 a month) is a small offering in comparison to the healing you’re bringing to brothers and sisters whose faith has been crushed over and over again by futurist disappointments—disappointments brought on by looking to the future for something that was so clearly and wonderfully fulfilled…over 1900 years ago.

As you put this letter down, please say a short prayer for guidance, and then act.

Please send your gift to:

Grace Ministries
P. O. Box 481
Lemon Grove, CA 91946

Help share the Preterist view with those who have never heard!

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Love in Christ,

Ken Davies & H. L. James
Hosts of Beyond the End Times Internet broadcast


In Southern California, Beyond the End Times can be heard every
Wed. from 6:00-7:00 PM (Pacific time) by clicking the link on our website,
and on WINB International Shortwave (12160 kHz) every Wed. from 6:30-7:00 PM
(Pacific time). Contributions are tax deductible. Tapes available upon request.


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